Social Media Marketing

With the increasing use of social media and more and more people spending more than 6 to 8 hours of their time on social media it’s an important aspect to cover in marketing strategy.

All About Social Media Marketing

“Social Media,” I think we can add it to the list of essential elements of life( Food, Shelter and Clothing). I cannot imagine anyone without the phone in their hands-on today’s date. And the primary reason for this addiction is social media. For this reason, I believe all the companies or any business, big or small, has to have a particular social media marketing section in their budgets. You may not be a big fan of social platforms, but you surely will be once you get results from your social media marketing services. Remember, “Money follows where attention flows.”

According to a survey, the average person spends around 3-4hrs a day on social media, maybe even more. Imagine from a marketer’s perspective; you have a platform that has all your potential customers and your current audience at the same place. For a company or a business, you need one out-of-the-box creative or offer that will be a game-changer. And the good news is you can target a particular group of people depending on their age, gender, likings, education, and so much more. This can all is done using Social Media Marketing.

There are so many social media platforms which are in heavy use with the content format that is allowed on them

  • Facebook (Photos, Text, Videos, Live, Stories, Ads)
  • YouTube (Videos, Live, Ads)
  • Instagram (Photos,Short Videos, Stories, Live, Ads)
  • TikTok (Short Clips, Ads)
  • Twitter (Text and Ads)
  • LinkedIn (Stories, Text, Photos, Videos, Ads)
  • Snapchat (Photos and short clips)

And many more, but these are a few of the famous ones in the market in today’s date. Overwhelming information isn’t it?

Do not worry; I am here to help you with all my experience and abilities to provide and create success for you on these platforms via my social media marketing services.

Paid Social Media Marketing

There are two types of marketing, namely paid and unpaid. On all of the above-listed platforms, you can do both paid marketing or unpaid marketing. The results for both types of campaigns can vary according to your target market and the content you produce.

If you are considering paid marketing, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. These platforms offer paid ads for you to get quick results without waiting for a long duration. Facebook and Google ads have a nap in producing results in terms of paid Ads.

Lately, Facebook has brought up so much dynamic in its algorithm that it has the best data quality available across all the ads platforms available. It tends to show the highest ROI(return on investment). So long story short, you can choose your platform according to your campaign needs, and I can assist you in selecting the one that brings you the most profit.

Unpaid Social Media Marketing

There are many ways to do unpaid marketing on social media. The fundamental first step of the process is to build a brand and start influencing more and more people on these platforms. The more influence you have, the more advantage you will get from the platforms.

Now you may be questioning how I can influence more people? The most straightforward answer to this question is, you have to start bringing value to everyone you want to influence, without any expectations. It is a long enough process, I get it, but once you have a solid foundation, you can leverage this on a vast level.

What can you expect with my services

I will bring in my experience to serve you in the best way possible. I can take over all the burden from you about social media once and for all. I have a 360-degree package wherein I will manage all the content creation process, handling and distribution, and analyzing the results.

I can help you out with your free campaigns, with your content-creation, images creation, or maybe audio or video creation and when and where to use them. If you want some reference, you can follow me on my social media platforms to see how I put out content every day. And if you like it, follow up with me, and I can do the same thing with your business or organization.

I can talk so much about this topic that even ten pages would not be enough to give you the complete information on what is the potential of social media marketing. So coming straight to the point, I will say that I can help you with both paid and unpaid marketing on social media platforms.

I am a hardcore practitioner of Facebook and Instagram ads. If you have a budget for yourself or your institute, I can do paid ads for you. And if you do not have a budget and still want to go for social media marketing, don’t feel bad. I can help you, as well. With tones of ideas, I can implement them on your behalf.

It is such a vast topic to talk about that you won’t be satisfied with just reading some service pages on a website of any social media marketing agency. An in-person conversation would make more sense and will be more satisfactory for you as well as for me. I would highly recommend that if you have any queries regarding social media marketing, please reach out to me. I can help you solve your problems and give you the exact solution that fits your needs.