Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a very popular and well-known service when it comes to google marketing or ranking #1 on google.

All About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As simple as the name suggests, it means optimization of your content for the search engines so that your content performs better in search results. SEO is a free way to get potential customers with the help of search engine rankings. Google and Bing are the most used search engines in the world today. You can optimize your site for both of them together.

The reason why SEO is most important is that you can rank #1 on the search engine, which is a FREE way of getting more and more traffic. That is a patient game, but the rewards are enormous.

Optimizing a site for SEO has various steps, and it varies from person to person on how they approach the problem. I have a 7 step approach process which is as follows:

  • Step #1: Create a List of Keywords
  • Step #2: Create Something Different or Better
  • Step #3: Optimize For On-Page SEO
  • Step #4: Optimize For Search Intent
  • Step #5: Make Your Content Look Awesome
  • Step #6: Build Links to Your Page
  • Step #7: Improve and Update Your Content

By making use of these steps correctly can prove to be a game-changer. Let me show you briefly how these steps work.

Create Something Different or Better: This step is based on going through all your competitors’ websites and analyzing their site thoroughly. It involves taking down all the essential details in which your competitors are getting the benefit. Now your job is to do a better job then your competitor and come up with something new if you want to beat them.

Create a list of keywords: That is the stepping stone for the start of any SEO process. The way you choose your keywords after doing ample research on your market and your competition can make a difference. Keywords are of two types, long and short. You can mix both types of keywords to build a robust list of keywords for your website. After the keywords research is done, there comes the next step.

Optimize For On-Page SEO: This is a crucial step for achieving noticeable and faster results. This stage includes everything from meta tags, headers, including keywords to the main content, and much more. The most commonly used SEO technique is optimization for on-page. Whenever you hear about SEO, most of the focus is on this topic.

Optimize For Search Intent:  Optimizing for search intent in simple words is like integrating your keywords with content. It includes including keywords in your header section, meta description, and leading search engines to the Keyword that you focus on.

Make your content look awesome: This is the stage where you have a chance and prove to the market that you can do much better than your competitors. You can use your creativity to showcase your content in a way that brings you the maximum audience interaction. It is such an underrated step nowadays that I have seen people having highly valuable content, but just because they lack in presentation, they do not generate enough traffic.

Link Building on the page: I cannot emphasize enough this point. It is like building connections in the market to have an advantage over others in some sections. This fundamental is called domain authority, which is like the capacity of your domain to have links from other websites. Search engines give a higher ranking to the site having a higher domain authority even though the site having lower domain authority has more valuable content.

Improve and update your content: SEO is a constant and never-ending improvement process. Even if you win your #1 spot for a few days, there is a high possibility that someone else who is giving constant efforts takes your place within a few days. So if you have achieved what you want, I would say that you should never stop working on your site.

If you want to know more and want to dive deep in this topics check out my blog post Proven SEO Tricks For 100% Guaranteed Success.

Probably you are overwhelmed with the information given above and are feeling vulnerable, but you should not worry about any of this. I am here to help you. I will be doing all the hard work and give you your dream outcomes.

Here, I would like to make an important point as we are growing day by day in every aspect of our lives, there are new ways and usage of SEO coming up. You will be more surprised to hear that now SEO is not just limited to websites. You can optimize your content for voice searches such as Alexa or a google home device that acts as your virtual assistant. To know more about this field, you can have a chat with me for a more in-depth discussion.

Even if you have a website that is not showing you results, I can help you out to fix it. Just send me your link and the issues you are facing, and I will analyze your website for potential growth.