Search Engine Marketing (SMM)

Having a budget for your marketing helps because then you can pay for being on top of everyone else through Ads.

All About Search Engine Marketing

There is often confusion between search engine optimization(SEO) and search engine marketing(SEM). The easiest way to remember this is SEO is free, and SEM is paid. SEM is the fast track process to appear on Google’s first page. If you have a budget and are not willing to hold back of wait for results, I would suggest you go for SEM.

Search Engine Marketing in like you are buying a space to showcase your ad on hoarding, but a digital one which is located on a search engine. But as you know, the process of buying a space for your advertising hoardings are done through bidding. Similarly, you have to place a bid for space on the internet.

This can be anything from $1 to as much as you want. But the problem on the internet is that the winner is not decided just on the bid amount. You have to come up with quality content for your ads, that can get a high-quality score on the search engine.

So the process of winning a place on the internet is a combination of your bid price plus your ad quality. Pay Per Click(PPC) is the most known form of search engine marketing.

Now let me give you an overview of the steps which are involved in the ranking factor of your google ads:

  • Research relevant keywords for your campaign
  • Organize your keywords effectively within ad groups
  • Write appealing text to increase your click-through rate(CTR)
  • Properly optimize your landing page for more conversions
  • Smartly create a list of negative keywords to save money

You might be thinking that this all sounds like SEO but, trust me, its a slightly different method. You can get into the trap here, the elements are similar, but the method used is a little different.

This topic has a vast variety and possibilities. You have to try and go through a lot of different ideas to get the best out of this. But don’t worry, I can help you get there. Just keep in mind that SEO and SEM are two different things if you have a budget search engine marketing(SEM) is your goto tool.