How BRANDING can help boost up your business by 200%

I am sure every one of us have a set of values and esteem that we associate with certain things. And also, we have a level of self-esteem that we maintain for over self. Tell me honestly why do you buy all those expensive products like iPhone, Macbook, Nike or Adidas, or a Gucci or Armani or a Mercedes or BMW? What just came to your mind even while reading these brand names? The belief and the values associated with that product, that provides you with status in society. Isn’t it?

I bet you can hardly think of any other reason for not buying a Hawai mobile phone instead of an iPhone. So the lesson here is BRANDING; it is the key to have a long-lasting business. You have to associate values to your company that provides your customer with the satisfaction that esteem that they seek.

Here are some high values associated with the companies we all know:

  • Apple: “Think Different.”
  • Samsung: “Inspire the World, Create the Future.”
  • Nike: “Just Do It”
  • BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
  • Mercedes: “The best or nothing.”

What’s your slogan?

Don’t worry if you don’t have one, now is the time to think and get started. Now you may be wondering, but Aarsh, what exactly is Branding, and how does it work? To answer your questions, today, we will go through each end every step on how to create a Brand. And let me make one thing clear, Branding is not just for companies; you can start branding for your start-ups, small business, or even for yourself. So from now on, whenever I say a company or a business, you can relate that to your situation.

Let’s understand what Branding is? So, Google says, “the promotion of a particular product or company utilizing advertising and distinctive design.” Now according to me, this is an incomplete or not so relative definition.

Here is my version, “A company that has fixed values and beliefs that stands the ground in any condition for its customers is called branding.” Along with the ideas and values, Branding also refers to the looks and feel of the company. So the elements that we are going to discuss to get started with your branding process are:

  • Logo
  • Design( Color & Typography)
  • Story & Promise
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Before we go on the journey of designing your brand, I was hoping if you can take some time and think about your company and note down everything that comes to your mind. By doing this, you will have a clear idea of your endpoint. 

Logo designing has become so easy nowadays, you drag and drop the elements you like, enter your preferred name, and there you have it. With platforms like Wix, Canvas, Hatchful, and many other online platforms, this has become an effortless process. Do not think much about how and what to make. Your logo can be as simple as just your name or your initials. Give it a beautiful color and choose your font type; that is it. You just designed your first logo. And even if you want to add more elements like characters and graphics, you can choose from suggestions of these online sites. Watch the video for a demo on how to build a free logo online.

Design is nothing but elements like color and font type that will give your business a commanding look. If you are confused about selecting color combinations, you’re not alone. I have had the same issues when it comes to choosing colors. There are free tools even for choosing these color pallets as well. Go to sites like: 


Also, you can use Adobe Capture to find the colors you like or want to see that are somewhere in front of you.

Or you can choose your colors to align with your values, look at the image below, and find out your brand value. Easy, isn’t it?

Now coming to typography, I usually go to Google Fonts to find the fonts that I like the most or choose from the catalog; if you wanted to know the typography of any article you read, you could use what the font to find which font type is being used. 

Tip: Choose your font that is easy to read and eye-pleasing. Keep in mind the accessibility issues.

The story is like a base. Have you ever seen a great talk or a presentation without a story? Telling a story to your audience can create a personal connection, people can relate to your story. This builds a foundation to create a deep bond with your audience. Now think for a second why you do, whatever you do? This is related to your business( your products and services). There would be a cause or an issue that you wanted to solve, or you were the victim of the problem and decided to solve it and then share it with everyone. Write down all the answers you come up with for this question. That will become the story for your brand, the more honest story, the more you have a chance to connect with people. 

You might be wondering, no, I am not a good storyteller, or I cant write. Don’t worry; you can tell your stories with the pictures of the journey, maybe an infographic, or document your daily activity. You may not like this idea now, but trust me, once you put forward these thoughts, you will get a response from people, they will admire and resonate with you, and that can lead to strong connectivity. 

So, if you have not started portraying your story to your audience, start doing it now.

Pic Curtsey:

The last step in your branding process would be to deliver a promise. Brands have a specialty that they make a promise to their consumers and complete that faithfully. This can be anything, as small as “We/ I will be truthful to all my consumers.” or “We are committed to providing the best service in our field.” your promise depends on you. You have to be committed and be thankful to all your consumers. Remember, there is nothing more significant than gratification. Even if you find it non-profitable in a short period, it will create wonders for you and your company in the long term. 

Picture from COCO-COLA Advertising

So that is it for starting your journey of Branding. Don’t feel overwhelmed or helpless if you are not a brand; there are thousands of companies who are not thinking of Branding, but if you want to be a long term player, Branding is the recipe. So start taking action as soon as possible and get ahead in the game. Sooner you start the better results you get. 

I hope the information was helpful. If you have any doubts or questions, do comment below, and I will try to come up with the solution as soon as possible.

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