My belief has always encouraged me to provide more and more value to everyone. So by writing blogs I am sharing my personal experience with each and every person who wants to learn topics like digital marketing, web designing, content creation, branding and much more.

I assume if you are here, you would be familiar with the terms SEO and WordPress. But let’s do a quick referral WordPress is a content management system(CMS)for building websites, and SEO is a short form of search engine optimization, which is a process of optimizing your site to help rank #1 on Google.

Hello everyone, today, we are going to touch on a straightforward topic, but most people get confused about( Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics). We will denote Google Tag Manager as GTM and Google Analytics as GA. Let’s understand the primary difference first.

I think all of you would agree on this; Search Engine Optimization(SEO) does not have a traditional secret recipe that you can apply for guarantee results. Isn’t it? And whenever you start learning SEO, you will probably take a course online or offline, or go to youtube, or maybe read blogs and books to acquire as much knowledge as you can. And then what happens? 

Let me tell you one common mistake I see most of the time that is not giving equal importance to all the steps involved in doing SEO. You might think that some of the steps are going to provide you with a higher ranking than the other, well it’s true somewhat. And today we are going to talk about one of those steps, and that is Keywords.

I am sure every one of us have a set of values and esteem that we associate with certain things. And also, we have a level of self-esteem that we maintain for over ourselves. Tell me honestly why do you buy all those expensive products like iPhone, Macbook, Nike or Adidas, or a Gucci or Armani or a Mercedes or BMW?